Creating A Post

Although; a website won’t be entertaining, educational, or informational if you don’t have post with content what you create from your imagination. Well, what do we mean? We have a fictional story within our post. And we wrote one for you to be entertained below, this is a post from a fairy, Annie’s point of view:

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Creating Your Own Blog On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer

On Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer, you can also find stories what you can imagine, but our front website is a reader-based website what you can read content. With a “writer” version of this website, we write content with our own fantasy. You can also create your own blog/site on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer.! And creating one is free with no strings attatched!

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Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer has a new look!

Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer has been redesigned to enable users to use this website for years to come. Since Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is exclusively a website without signups… this website is now getting a new signup center to enable users to join this platform. And unlike other blogging platforms who dictate how content is monetized, or hosted… this website is going to be different than others. However; we’re still experimenting with setting up our community guidelines, but some guidelines can fail overtime.

It used to be integrated to a main multisite, but it has been refactored to enable users to create their own blogs. This is necessary because, users don’t want to be confused between a standard version of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy with Writer. However; I called it “Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer” because, it’s a blogging platform that is going to be a free platform for users to create blog/sites.

This is a first ever launch because, this platform is going to be open for signups,–after we move to a new town with a cheaper apartment complex where it’s a smaller community!

Why Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer has been refactored?

Due to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy evolving… Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer is now a dedicated blogging platform to make it easier to distinglish between a standard version, and a blogging version. If you visited, you are at the basic version of this website. The basic version has no signups available. But a blogging platform what you’re currently visiting now has a signup feature coming soon.