Little Tree Seedling


This tree seedling will be used to plant trees outside to grow your own forest to cut down air pollution. Your seedling lives in your large flower pot to start growing your own tree outside. Your seedling is little to bring with you. You can use this tree to provide fresh air to breathe, provide a home for birds and other animals, and provide shade to hide away from sunlight. With 1 Seedling, you can enable this seedling to grow in nature,–after it reaches a large size.

Trees are plants to to help reduce wind speeds, and dampen light from the sun.

What you are seeing is a seedling growing out of a flower pot with its strong bark, and it has some brancheses. The seedling is next to a bench of your home. Your home has large windows, and a large door. This is a porch view. There’s a large flower pot with series of plants taking in CO2 as a way to provide fresh air to breathe.

About This Achievement

Planting tree seedlings is a way to help our environment get its forests back. Everyday; we plant trees, and grow our seedlings to enable trees to grow in the future. Without trees; searing sun can burn up our ground, and cause drout to occur. Drout is caused by clearing of forests for cattle, sheep, goat, pig, chicken, duck, goose, and other farm with usual farm animals. Meat-based farms has been causing our planet to warm up. If we stop meat production, we can transition to a meat-free culture.

We need trees! Trees are our heroes who remove carbon from our air what we breathe, block sunlight and provide natural shade for us, and provide home for animals like birds and monkeys. Cutting down trees to make room for farms can be a bad idea.

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