Protecting 1000 Square Feet Of Rainforest


You are seizing an illegal cattle farm that was found accountable for illegal clearing the rainforest. All cattle has been seized. What you are seeing is a slaughterhouse being torn down by a machine that is designed to shred buildings. About 200 cattle farmers has been arrested for this scheme. This is necessary to help preserve this forest. Unfortunately, many cattle has been relocated, and activists has intentionally bought this farm to convert it back to a forest.
You can see 200 species of animals has returned back to their normal homes.
However; a farmhouse has been converted into an office for helping to protect the rainforest. A barn has been converted into an equipment storage unit for helping to plant trees in this forest.
About 4,000 cattle were ordered to be removed to help cut down gases that can speed up climate change. About $1,000,000 in fines has been issued to each farmer who illegally cleared the forest for dairy production,–all without paying dairy taxes, and obtaining farming permits.
What you are also seeing is the road that goes through the forest. This is a railway for carrying passengers and cargo on trains.
You are located in South America. You can see the Andes mountains, and the forests that are growing back. There’s also a strategically integrated town inside a forest with a strategically established settlement.
Four llamas are carting organic food to markets, and 7 tapirs are making home in this restored forest.

About This Achievement?

Protecting 1000 Square Feet of rainforest is a way to protect our forests against deforestation. Although; deforestation has caused various natural disasters like powerful hurricanes, severe drout, floods, and powerful tornadoes. Helping to protect the rainforests is necessary to prevent these serious events. Forests plays an important function for our ecosystem. It provides a home for various animals, provides air for us to breathe, and provide us food to eat.
Climate change denial is known issue for people who were trying to protect the rainforests against these greedy farmers, and governing nations.