Welcome to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer! A free blogging platform that enables you to earn reward points as you do activities on this website like, creating posts, commenting, and other activities. This blogging platform also has an offerwall page to complete offers to earn points.

The points what you earn are called “Windmill Blades”… these points can be redeemed for unlocking achievements.

Why Blog On This Platform?

Unlike Blogger… you have more freedom what you want to write on this website. This is useful if you were a conservative blogger, a fictional story writer, a product reviewer who review products what you liked, ways to end corruption, and other content.

You are our people who care about creativity, ways to fight climate change, help the homeless, keep frackers at bay, and keep spankers out.

Join us to stand against bigots, terrorists, copyfraudsters, science deniers, climate change deniers, rapists, xenophobes, sex traffickers, rapists, animal-abusers, child-abusers, spankers, parental greed, corporate greed, rabbit meat farmers, rabbit hunters/rkillers, bullies, deforesters, and other dirty people. If you were part of these groups; there’s nothing here on this website… however; if you were leaving these bad groups, and you were making a strategic decision… we may assume you’ll be a part of our community. We stand with vegetarians/vegans, nature buffs, rabble rowsers, animal-lovers, planet savers, feminists, LGBT communities, scientists, kind people, humane families without spanking, gentle handers, anti-spanking communities/advocates, anti-terrorism groups who were dedicated to stop terrorism, activists, renewable energy supporters, conservative bloggers, real news reporters, movie communities with remakes of any movies, oldschool nerds, DRM-Free communities, unbanked communities, journalists, and other good people, if you were aligned with any of these good folks, this is a best place to blog freely.

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