The New Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer Is Here!

Today, I’m proud to announce the new Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer. The older version of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer has been replaced with a better version. That means; you can create your free site without needing to worry about missing out on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy’s features that were currently rolling out.

Currently, we have a Creative Commons Configurator, view counters, head and footer code for inserting custom code to each post or page. Useful for monetizing content what you’ve created from scratch. For example; setting up ads from a desired ad network; and built-in comment flagging system to report comments as abusive.

Whether if you were a skilled author who write fictional stories as a living; or writing news for current event,–or writing product reviews.

What you can do with Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer… with your imagination, you write stories, make an image gallery, post tutorials, write commentaries/parodies, movie reviews, book reviews, TV show reviews, etc.

Creating a website is free! There’s no paywalls, no subscriptions, and no costly memberships, that applies to Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer.

You can customize CSS for your entire site,–to setup your color scheme, along with your other preferences. The reason why it’s easier to customize CSS for your own site because, you can control which font, color, images, or even elements you wanted to look like as you build up your site. All controls on Fairies Dreams & Fantasy is blind accessible! Enabling disabled users to use this site independently.

The older version of Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Writer isn’t working the right way for some users,–due to limitations found on the older version.